The Artcademy, Our Partner in Creativity

The Artcademy,
An Adventure in Online Art Education

Aurora Art Supplies has partnered up with The Artcademy, a very cool creative art company.  The Artcademy is many things, but most importantly a fun way to learn how to do all kinds of art. Their latest adventure is a coloring club which Aurora Art Supplies proudly sponsors. Stay tuned for more announcements regarding our involvement with The Artcademy.  We look forward to many more art adventures with them for your enjoyment! If you want to see more of what this very cool company is up to right now, go ahead and click the link here: The Artcademy

Meanwhile you can buy either our regular colored pencils or our UPGRADED colored pencils to get started on your own art adventures right now! We are thrilled with both products! Either set can be used to easily get the effect of water colors on a coloring page by adding a little water to the pigment on the coloring page. Now I am a big fan of easy and using these colored pencils is truly an easy way to paint water colors!

See them here!

 Colored Pencils For Coloring Books, Bonus Mini Coloring Book included! 48 Colored Pencils for Adults. plastic carrying case, from Aurora Art Supplies.