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Free Coloring Printables

From time to time we like to offer a free coloring page for you. If you want to show them off after you color them, find us on Facebook and add them there: Aurora Art Supplies on Facebook. We love to see how our coloring printables get colored. Please leave the logo and the copyright intact. These are for your personal use only, not for commercial use. Thanks for your understanding.

New Free Printable This Week

I’ve been busy designing Shirts for Amazon so have neglected to put up any free drawings for you. But here’s one now. Enjoy!

Simple Swirls Heather Burns Art Aurora Art Supplies

Another simple Celtic inspired printable for you.
Aurora Art Supplies free printables Celtic mandala

Okay, a simple Celtic one coming up for you!

Aurora Art Supplies new coloring freebie


I have been away on vacation so it’s been a while since I posted any new printables for you. But I have been drawing a bit, so now there should be some fresh ones coming up. This one is a variation of one I did a few months ago but the Celtic ones seem to be everyone’s favorites so here you go, another Celtic one! Enjoy!

Celtic mandala free Aurora Art Supplies




A new Celtic one! Easy one for young coloring artists!

Aurora art supplies free printables


Another Spring Coloring Printable

tree to color Aurora art supplies


Something a little different in honor of Spring….



More Celtic! A Celtic mandala within a Celtic tile. Have fun!


Aurora free coloring printable Celtic tile




For Easter, a Celtic Cross!


Celtic Cross Easter Aurora art supplies

A different Celtic Cross! Since I moved to Ireland I have fallen in love all over again with everything Celtic!


April showers are bringing April flowers instead of waiting till May! Here’s a floral printable to color or use for needlepoint design. Enjoy!


Aurora art supplies free printable


Last part of March, so here’s another Celtic one!

Free Celtic coloring printable from Aurora Art Supplies

As promised, another Celtic free printable for you is here: a Celtic Shamrock for
St. Patrick’s Day!

free printable, Celtic Shamrock Aurora Art Supplies


It’s almost March, the month of St. Patrick’s Day. We love Ireland and everything Celtic so we’re going to celebrate the Irish all month long with coloring printables in a Celtic and/or Irish theme. Here’s your first Celtic printable.The Irish have a long tradition of singing and making celestial music on their famous harps! On any night you can hear lots of beautiful singing when you walk down the street. Here are 2 versions, so you can decide which way you prefer your Celtic Knots.

Aurora Art Supplies free Celtic Harp Printable

Celtic Harp coloring printables

Love is All free coloring printables from Aurora Art Supplies

Aurora Art Supplies Free Printables

Valentine Printable for You!

Here is one for Valentine’s Day. Enjoy!

Valentine freebie from Aurora Art Supplies coloring printables