Heather Burns Art at Etsy

Heather Burns Art is now available at Heather Burns Art on Etsy

I have opened an Etsy shop so you can download my coloring sheets one at a time instead of buying whole books. I will continue to offer simple printables for free here but if you are a fan of my intricate coloring pages, either the Shells, the State Flowers, or my Mandalas and Celtic illustrations, you can find them at the Etsy shop.

There are also 2 books which are collections of my drawings which gives you savings over buying them individually. But for the time being I am offering 2 free ones for every 8 coloring pages purchased. Just send me an email on Etsy and I will email them to you.

Here are a few of them with the watermark. Of course, if you purchase, the watermark is removed. There are many more mandalas and tiles in the Celtic style and just my normal botanical intricate style.

Don’t forget to use Aurora Art Supplies colored pencils to color them and visit my Facebook page to post your finished colored pages too. Either one will do, either the AuroraArtSupplies page or my HeatherBunsArt page. I can’t wait to see what you do with these! Enjoy!

Heather Burns Art Flower Mandala Heather Burns Floral Worlds mandala

Heather Burns Tulips Tile Botanical Mandala Heather Burns

Celtic Mandala Heather Burns Celtic Tile Heather Burns Art