T Shirts by Heather Burns

T Shirts by Heather Burns are Now Available 

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Having been a graphic artist for many years, I design T Shirts along with my coloring pages and books. Recently I got accepted at Amazon to design T Shirts for them so there are already 50 of them available there.

To the right is one I designed for all you colorists! I thought it was time Coloring addicts had their own shirts. It’s not available at Amazon but if you want it, contact me and I will get one made to order for you! Just click on the “Contact Us” button on the menu above to send me an email.

I have a variety of T Shirts for different genres. Many more are on the drawing board. Can’t help the pun! It totally fits. LOL.

Here’s another one I did for us colorists. So true, don’t you think? so many colors so little time coloring shirt

Texas, It’s a Whole Different Country T Shirts
T Shirts by Heather Burns

I have family all over Texas and I love the place so I made some shirts to honor one of my favorite states.

 Texas Strong Shirt Come Hell or High Water Premium Texas Strong Come Hell or High Water Shirt Texas Strong Shirt Texas Word Map


Halloween is Coming Soon!

I had to do some Zombie shirts!

 Mens Zombie Funny Halloween T Shirt Budget Zombie Costume Large Black

 Funny Zombie Shirt for Halloween or Costume Party Zombie Funny Sarcastic Shirt for Halloween or Costume Party

Repeal Murphy’s Law T Shirt

I think it’s time to repeal Murphy’s Law! Murphy is far too negative. Do we really want to promote his negative message? Words have power!

There are far too many silly laws and we need to start repealing some of them. Might as well start with this one! His law serves no purpose and it’s time to repeal it. Who needs it?

Repeal Murphy's Law T ShirtRepeal Murphy’s Law T Shirt


Peace Love Tantra T Shirt
T Shirts by Heather Burns

For Tantra Lovers and Practitioners. This one is not at Amazon but let me know if you want it! Just click the “Contact Us” button above on the menu. I have it made to order.

Womens Peace Love Tantra T Shirt XL SilverWomens Peace Love Tantra T Shirt XL Silver

Christian Faith Shirts

Be Proud of your Christian Faith! I love Scripture Quote Shirts so there will be many more!

 Jesus The Way The Truth The Life Cross Shirt I Only Kneel for the Cross Shirt Stand for the Flag, Kneel for the Cross Patriotic Shirt

Sudoku Shirt for Sudoku Lovers

Uses the Solfeggio numbers that trigger a meditation state as the filled in puzzle numbers. Show your love of Sudoku in an esoteric meditation shirt. Sudoku lovers will be trying to solve the puzzle on your shirt. Buy this Unique gift for a Sudoku lover and watch their eyes light up! This is a great ice breaker! Yes, I’m a Sudoku addict!

 Sudoku Shirt Sudoku is My Meditation

I have more T Shirts at Amazon but this is a good start to show some of the variety of my designs. If you have any suggestions please contact me and I will consider designing them! I do custom orders too, so let me know if you need a custom one. There is no set up fee. Thanks for stopping by!

You can see more of my Shirts here.